Elin Wolf - Swedish singer, songwriter, and lover of the wild, brings her experiences from traveling worldwide and her love for nature into her musical realm. Being born in a small Swedish Island in a family with a distinguished musical background, with Hammond organ player father and famous music producer Max Martin being her second cousin, Elin has music in her blood. 

Racking up 76.000 listens on Spotify for the track “Nighttrain to Yosemite," Elin has already enjoyed success. She also worked with and garnered praise from industry heavyweights Robin Mortensen Lynch (Pink, Justin Timberlake) and Vanessa Liftig (Wu tan Klan, etc.). 

Elin played at The Mint, Viper Room, and Rainbow bar in LA. She performed at the prestigious music festival "Way out West" in Gothenburg, toured Eastern Europe, performed at Swedish National Radio 4, and Volvo Car events in Beijing. Elin also helped organize the first female music producer festival in Europe, "EQ loves music

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“Nighttrain to Yosemite and Elin Wolf are proof that true rock music is still evolving stronger than ever in 2020” “Nighttrain to Yosemite is home to a fantastic performance by Wolf, sprinkled with one of the most powerful instrumentals we have come across this year” - This song is so sick

“ she pours her soul and heart in every lyric and performance she delivers, and conquers her audience with her raw honesty and vulnerability” - New hit singlesn text and edit me. It's easy.