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Elin Wolf

Swedish singer, songwriter and lover of the wild

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Elin Wolf - Swedish singer, songwriter and lover of the wild


Elin Wolf (previously Elin K) is a Swedish singer and songwriter who traveled the world and brought her experiences and her love for nature into her musical realm. 


Elin has already enjoyed success, racking up 35,000 listens on Spotify for the track Truth worth a fight. She has also garnered praise from industry heavyweights Robin Mortensen Lynch (Pink, Justin Timberlake), and Vanessa Liftig (Wu tan Klan etc) having worked with them on the tracks Strange flowers and Truth worth fight.


Elin Wolf grew up on a small Island in Sweden. Her dad was a former Hammond organ player in the progressive rock band “Motvind” (Counter wind) and “Ensamma Hjärtan” (Lonely hearts). She started playing the violin at the age of 6 and wrote her first song at 7. Her Second Cousin also being Max Martin, she has music in her blood.

Elin has always been a seeker and a nomad. Her artistry revolving around Freedom, female empowerment and poetic mysticism.

Elin played at The Mint, Viper room and Rainbow bar in LA.

She performed at the prestigious music festival - Way out West in Gothenburg, toured Eastern Europe, performed at Swedish National Radio 4 and at Volvo Car events in Beijing. Elin also engages in collaborations with other cross-genre artists including creating music for film and TV.


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